Jeremy Pate, Head Brewer (above) shares a beer with his owl acquaintance.


Our brewery is built on the old family farm on the outskirts of Dothan, AL where we have room to grow and expand for future production needs.  We are hopeful to complete our Meadery this year and fulfill all Federal Licensing requirements in order to be allowed to produce Mead, which is Honey wine!  You are welcome to come out on Tasting/Tour days for a fresh sample of what's brewing.  Join our mailing list to get a monthly beer schedule of the up and coming beers!  Click on our 'Contact Us' page to request being added to the mailing list.  We don't ever sell or spam thank you very much.  We usually have no less than 10 different beers available on tap.

Family owned and operated

Mom, Dad and Sis would never have believed they would be in the beer business, but here we are years later doing just that!  Along with countless friends that support Folklore and other local businesses, we exist because of you.  We do our best to create a local, unique, quality product and are doing our best to help support local community and charity events as we grow.  Our charity focus is "Kids, Pets and Vets!"  Thanks for helping us represent Dothan, Alabama as a Exporter of Products and contributor to local commerce!



When you visit the brewery, you really have to step off the beaten path...literally.  We built our brewery on our old family farm that was purchased in the 1960s 

Since then, houses sprang up all around us and it became a neighborhood!  Since we are a family owned brewery, we wanted to bring something unique to Dothan, AL that speaks to our Southern hospitality.  

Pub fare is available from Fly By Night Grill adjacent to the brewery. 

We are now FAMILY FRIENDLY until 6PM Thurs, Fri and Saturday!

After 6PM you must be 21+ to visit!

Belly up to the bar and chances are you will taste something you like!

​​Buddy the Brew Dog! 
If you've been to the brewery or ever seen a picture of the've probably seen Buddy.  He's a rescue pup we adopted through the Wiregrass Humane Society and Dothan Animal Control/Save-A-Pet.  He loves to chase the ball and he is Head Bouncer at the Brewery.  Bouncer of the ball that is...when no one will toss the ball for him, he will throw the ball and bounce it himself.  His favorite thing is 'keep away', second is in a tie with chasing the ball and getting his 'lovins' from passers by.  You are welcome to bring your well behaved pups to the brewery on a leash, but since Buddy own's the place, we let him meet and greet visitors.  Buddy is a Water dog, he loves to play in the water and mud....He lives up to his reputation in this picture as "Muddy Buddy"   :)  He now has a little sister named Nina~  Another rescue pup to help him play tug a war! Please consider adoption through one of our many pet rescues in and around the Dothan area!


My name is Jeremy Pate and I'm the head brewer and part owner of Folklore Brewing & Meadery in Dothan, AL.  Living in South Alabama in the 90's and 2000's was pretty tough for a beer lover and homebrewer.  My familiy and I decided to open Folklore Brewing & Meadery with very little capital.  It was a combination of over a decade of brewing experience and desperation to get to the point where we would actually be able to brew.  Without a wealthy benefactor, we had to work 10 times harder than everyone else to make it happen.  Some colleagues questioned why we would consider opening a brewery in Dothan and the answer was simple..."Why not here, now, with our friends and family!"  We have become the first 'packaging brewery' in Dothan since Prohibition.  It's our hope to bring something unique to Dothan where our friends and family live and we can find creative ways to revive old-timey Southern sayings and old wise tales we grew up hearing in the South.  Folklore is not limited to the South, it's about remembering some of the great stories and fairy tales we grew up hearing.  Some of those stories are funny, spooky, silly and otherwise fantastic!  We haven't forgotten our Southern Heritage as we create new unique flavors.  Every beer we make reflects our traditions, quality and dedication to creating the best beers we can for our friends and loved ones right here at home!